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Before you repair an old garage door or automate an existing garage door we recommend talking to one of our friendly staff members… …Why?

Repair or replace?

Over the years many homeowners persist with a garage door that is broken or perhaps difficult, awkward and heavy to open. This is typical of the older more traditional style “up and over” or “shin kicker” canopy and retractable garage doors from manufactures such as Henderson Garage Doors, Hormann Garage Doors and Garador Garage Doors.

Your garage door may have been fitted for many years. A common misconception when it becomes stiff or too heavy to lift is to add an electric motor. This puts excessive pressure on the motor that should be driving a smooth running door and may soon lead to problems and shorten the life of the motor. If lifting cables snap the first reaction is to get a repair that typically costs in excess of £100+vat.

Repair is of course the sensible course in some in some instances, but it always makes sense to weigh up the overall life expectancy of the repaired door and future repair bills against the benefits of a high performance new garage door.

Time to enjoy the benefit of modern garage door design…

A garage door is a lifetime investment and garage door design has moved on dramatically since the times of the traditional one-piece garage doors mentioned above. Roller garage doors and sectional doors operate vertically, providing more space in front of your garage and a wider, taller opening, as they don’t require a frame between the brickwork. There are lots of other benefits to be considered based on what is important to you – Police preferred specification security, insulation, style, automation and colour.

Free advice and home survey…

Before you arrange a repair, call the garage door experts today or drop by our showroom. Talk to our experienced team – they will be happy to give advice, discuss your requirements and arrange a free, no obligation, home survey and quote for a new garage door.

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