How much does a new garage door cost?
In simple terms a garage door provides access to your garage for a vehicle. Wrapped around that basic function is a range of benefits that the right garage door for you can bring to everyday use.

Irrespective of how much you spend, you can be assured that every Garage Door Systems garage door is independently tested and CE marked as safe to use. Every door will also provide a good level of security and have durability backed by a fair warranty policy.

New designs bring ease of use and better performance
The old style (shin kicker) steel one-piece garage doors from manufacturers such as Hendersons garage doors, Hormann garage doors and Garador garage doors were commonplace 25 years ago. This design is fairly limited in terms of the benefits delivered and physical security performance. Today there are many types of garage doors available to suit all budgets and requirements. Many homeowners are now also choosing to have their garage doors automated as standard providing additional convenience & security.

Standard size or made to measure?
To gain some extra width and height to drive through a larger vehicle you’ll benefit from a made to measure door maximising drive through space rather than an industry standard door size fitted with surrounds. Made to measure adds a small extra cost to a standard door price.

Standard or special colours?
Our standard range covers the majority of popular colours for a garage door. If you’d like a custom colour to match features of your home, this is available on our DuraTherm insulated sectional garage door range as an optional extra cost, dependent on the size of your door.

Choosing a door with insulation is a wise choice if there is a bedroom over the garage or you’d like to use your garage for more than just parking your car. Insulated garage doors are also effective at reducing draughts so heating a garage as a playroom, gym or workshop becomes possible. Insulated doors are available in mid and upper price ranges.

Certified security?
It’s often a surprise when you add up just how much value is in the items stored in a garage. The DuraTherm Sentinel garage door is independently tested to the Secured by Design Standard Police preferred specification. It employs a strengthened door and a LiftMasterTM electric opener to provide enhanced security and is in the upper price range

Remote control?
Remote control is one of those things you’ll wonder how you managed without once you have it! Smart phone control option is a great new addition available on DuraTherm insulated sectional garage doors. It is a standard feature on Insulated roller garage doors and an option on DuraRoll roller garage doors and DuraTherm insulated sectional garage doors. Automated doors are available in mid and upper price ranges.

Our surveyor will advise on any work required as part of the free, no obligation home survey and quotation service.

A lifetime purchase
As you generally only replace a garage door once in a lifetime, the chances are that you will have a lot more options to consider in making your choice for a replacement or new garage door.
Before you decide on a budget call the garage door experts today or drop by our showroom. Talk to our experienced team – they will be happy to give advice on the right door for you, discuss the budget you’ll need and arrange a free, no obligation, home survey and quote for a new garage door.

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