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What is the U-Value of a GDS sectional garage door?

The U value of a garage door is a measure of the amount of heat that passes through a surface area of 1m2 for each degree of temperature difference between the inside and outside. Therefore, the lower the U value, the more energy-efficient the material is. The U value is a function of the thickness of the material and the material’s thermal conductivity.

A common misconception regarding sectional doors is to take the U value of the panel (or even just the U value of the foam) and to apply it to the whole door. In the case of our sectional door panel the U value is 0.51 W/(m2K)

To properly calculate the true U value of a sectional Door, one needs to consider not only the U value of the sectional panel (which differs from one manufacturer to another) but also to include the panel joints, side seals and any other places that the heat can be conducted on an assembled door.

The GDS sectional Doors have been tested for thermal performance at the SP technical institute in Sweden.

  • GDS through the section U value 0.51 W/(m2K)
  • GDS Installed Door U value 1.3 W/(m2K)

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