When you’re looking for something a bit special...

Look to Garage Door Systems (GDS) for custom solutions. Restoring classic motors to their former glory is difficult at the best of times, but doing it in the freezing cold with a broadcast deadline looming drove Edd China to make a vow: He would not subject his team to another winter behind draughty, non-insulated doors!

Edd, the mechanical genius and star of “Wheeler Dealers” on the Discovery Channel, knew his needs would be hard to meet after contacting a few manufacturers who couldn’t supply the varied requirements for six doors in his studio and workshop. Edd explains: “All of our doors are fairly large, but two in particular presented real problems. For example, in my studio the door has to travel up vertically, but then we needed the bottom of the door to rise into a position horizontal to the floor... otherwise, our production team couldn’t fit the large boom cameras and lighting needed to film the show. The guys at GDS came up with simple, reliable solutions and they were able to automate all six doors. A unexpected bonus was discovered just as soon as James and Fergal from GDS had installed the doors... the sound insulation. No need to stop filming every time a lorry rolls by outside!”

GDS specialise in unique doors for tricky openings, but even if you don’t require custom sizes, custom colours and custom track options, you can count on their 25 years of experience with all types of sectional and roller doors.