How to operate your Door


Sectional garage doors open vertically along guide tracks.

Always keep the opening area of the door clear and when operating the door, always be certain that there are no people, especially children or objects close to the door.

When manually operating doors, only raise and lower the door using the lift handles installed for this purpose; these ensure an easy, controlled and smooth action. Improper use could result in injury and damage to your door.

When locking the door, ensure that the lock mechanism engages securely.

With automated doors, only open and close the door using the control devices supplied with your door.

In the event of power failure follow the operation instructions for this circumstance.


Manually operated garage doors:

To Lock/Unlock: From the outside, insert the key in the lock cylinder to release the handle. Turn the handle to disengage the lock latches and open the door. To lock the door, turn the handle to engage the latches and turn the key to lock the handle.

Electrically operated garage doors: At all times the garage door should be operated when it is in full view, making sure it is not obstructed in any way. Ensure when the door is moving, that you and any other person stands clear of the curtain and keeps hands, etc, away from moving parts.

Hand transmitters & wireless wall station: Depending on your choice of Automation the transmitters are fitted with two or four buttons and the wireless wall station has two buttons. When any button is pressed the LED illuminates. The default setting is one button operation that allows you to lift, stop and close the door.

Note: When opening or closing the garage door you must monitor the product until it has completed its operation. All products have a stop and reverse safety device that could be activated during operation causing the door to stop and reopen.

Power failure: In the event of power failure the door operator can be disengaged to allow manual operation of the door. If no other means of access to the garage is possible other than through the garage door, an external disconnect should be fitted. Ask Garage Door Systems for more details should you require this option.