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Garage Door Systems Specialist Installers

All of our specialist installers or dealers are approved GDS installation companies. Their staff are factory trained on each of our products therefore you can be sure you are buying with confidence in terms of both the product quality and also the quality of your installation.

Please provide us with a some basic information below or phone us where a member of our staff would be delighted to discuss and help you with your garage door enquiry.

Attenborough Doors Ltd


Attenborough Doors design, manufacture and install a wide range of automatic doors across the UK. Our doors are a fantastic addition for any industrial environment, improving the convenience and safety of the building.

Investing in an automatic door from Attenborough Doors can assist in safeguarding your business’s future. Our range of fast action doors can help protect your building, as their speedy opening and closing functionality means that the property is more secure from intruders and from inclement weather conditions. They allow your premises to stay dry and warm, and can even prolong the life of your equipment. Additionally, you can save money on heating as the fast action doors minimise the risk of draughts entering the building.

Attenborough Doors Ltd

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Quarry HIll Ind Estate,



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